Saturday, February 15, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1989 Fleer

Typical to Fleer the Angels cards are both alphabetical  and sequential running from 467-490.
The sole Prospects card is #651 and then the
team checklist #658 completes the base set.
The Angels in the Fleer Update set run from U-11 thru U-17, or Jim Abbott thru Claudell Washington.
The two versions of stickers for 1989 are included as well.

AUTOGRAPHS: Terry Clark, Sherman Corbett, Chuck Finley, Mark McLemore, Johnny Ray.

The backs are nice. 
The "Did You Know?" information is only included on the card if there was enough room on the back.  
If the player had stats longer than about 12 lines the box wouldn't fit.
All the cards however have the Before/After The All Star Break statistics.

And here is the Box bottom card of Wally Joyner.
A little mis-cut but acceptable.

FAVORITE CARD: Card #484 Mark McLemore.
Got this signed in person at The Ballpark a year or so ago.
Mac does some Rangers broadcasting for FSSW.

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  1. Interesting that Fleer put the Update set in team order like they did with the base set. Through 1987 they just put the cards in alphabetical order regardless of team.