Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lets Play The 1993 Donruss Triple Play Game Shall We?

Within the box and bags I've gotten recently from the junk mall were a handful of these Triple Play game cards.
I collect game cards when I come across them, as well as sweepstakes, and some promotional cards.
It's a cool little gimmick that were usually randomly inserted into packs, therefore you don't see many of them too often.  I've saved a couple of these for myself, never to be scratched off, at least not in my lifetime.

So basically I'm going to put myself back into 1993 and I'll rub off a base one at a time and we'll see if I would have won a prize.  I had better not!

Here's the official rules for you sticklers out there.

And this is the coin I will be using to scratch off the bases.
Its not illegal to scan a coin is it?
If I was really smart I would have used a 1993 penny instead.
Too late I already scanned this one.

All I have to do is match 2, 3, or 4 areas, 4 being for the Grand Prize!

Here we go.

Starting at first base I uncover a Home Run!
That's got to be a good start.
Wouldn't you think that the card with all 4 matching bases would have Home Run as the label?
I guess Grand Slam would top that though.
But if you read the rules, I should be looking for "Triple Play".
Lame, but that is the name of the card set, so.....

I'm out of the running for the Grand Prize, no trip to the 1993 All-Star Game for me and 3 of my favorite people.

Let's see if I can win the Cap!
On to second base.

Not a match but I still have a chance.
I just need one or two more matches for either the Ground Out or the Home Run to win a prize.

Should I temp fate and jump directly to home plate, skipping third base entirely?
No, I like structure and routine.

So much for structure and routine.
Third base gave me nothing.

Down to my last chance to match just 2 for the prize of 3 packages of 1993 Triple Play (a set I hated by the way).
I think third place prize is much better than the Cap for second place.
Whats funner, ripping 3 packs of cards or wearing a dorky Triple Play Baseball Cap?

I'm hoping I only match two.


No prizes for me.
Although I did score two runs and left a man on second.

Thanks for playing along.


  1. Look at you, Playing With Your Cards... Nice.

  2. Any idea of the value of one of these cards in 2020?

  3. Any idea what one of these cards is worth?

  4. Any idea what one of these cards is worth?