Friday, February 28, 2014

Send Me These Cards, You Don't Want Them, Get A Prize

2012 Topps Pennant and Topps Bunt.
These were inserted into 2012 Topps issues.  You know you have these lying around.  Probably used them to protect the good cards in a team bag you were mailing for a trade.

These are the one I have, but I want to amass the complete sets

Topps Pennant.
I'm assuming there is one card per team.

Topps Bunt.
I have no idea how many different ones were issued.

If you send me at least one card, I'll put your name in a hat for a drawing for this card:

I know, its not a big draw but that's all I got.
Also, whoever sends me the most cards will get a special bonus, but not sure what that will be.


  1. I'd like to find the complete Topps Pennant as well. I am also assuming there was one for each of the 30 teams. I know I have an extra Nationals TP card somewhere and maybe an Orioles or a Dodgers (I think those are the ones I have) at any rate I'll have to double check what I've got or have doubles of.

  2. So, in the first Topps Bunt, at first glance I though the chick had rampant underarm hair. Glad I looked twice.

  3. That's odd. I mentioned you and Ben Zobrist in my most recent post.

    I'm sure I've got some of these.