Saturday, February 8, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 2010 Upper Deck

The last Upper Deck offering and my least favorite.
I was bothered at first when I found out that Upper Deck lost the rights to show MLB logos and that they would probably be airbrushing them out.  But after a while as I looked at this set, that part didn't bother me so much because it wasn't "Panini Obvious" airbrushing, and they chose photos that weren't obviously chosen to not show any logos.  That led me to the card design that just kinda irritated me.

Is there a green stripe on the base of the card or is that the grass?  Why is the portrait photo crooked?   Is it supposed to be crooked?  Cropped hat and helmets don't sit well with me.  A guy needs his cranium.  Is there a name on there?

The Angels have 20 cards of the 600 cards in the set.

The backs are nice in that the stats are easy to read on the white background.
Crooked picture works here because unlike the front its not messing with the players body in the background causing the eye to jump all over.
Notice the "2010 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1"  even though there never was a Series 2 issued.

My favorite card from the team set is #257  Chone Figgins.
Whoever that Dodger is just entering the frame he's sliding way too soon and Figgy is framed perfectly to make the tag. But wait, is there a ball in his glove?

Wanted to show a Gold parallel numbered to /99.
Mine is numbered 11 and I'm very proud of it.

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