Thursday, February 20, 2014

Found At The Local Junk Mall (Continued) - The Ziploc Bag

After scoring on the 800 count box for 3 bucks, I walked around the junk mall some more and found another dealer that usually has an odd assortment of toys...bags of dirty, sticky action figures, dinged up Hot Wheels, and dusty beat-up Starting Lineups.

This time however, I spotted a couple gallon size Ziploc bags of baseball cards.  I grabbed a bag and immediately knew it was genuinely 90's junk...1990-92 Topps, Donruss, Fleer and Score mostly.  The price tag was 2 bucks.  I floated the cards inside to see if anything cool like a give-away, a scratchoff, or a game card was in there.  No luck.  Not even worth the two bucks...for me at least.

I grabbed another bag with the same type stuff, but this bag was like 6 bucks, so looked a little closer for something special...nope.  Then I grabbed the third bag and saw it was marked 2 bucks as well....

1979 GOLD MINE!!!

I immediately clutched it close to make sure no one walking by would see and therefore make a dive at it or any other like bags that might still be inside the booth.  I floated the cards around inside the bag again and saw a ton of '79 and '80 Topps.
I had to do a double and triple take on the price sticker...surely this is a mistake.
Was it supposed to be $20 and not $2?
Nope, it was definitely a $2 and again here is the receipt to prove it:

Struck by luck twice, I did a quick scan around the booth for any other bags and saw none, so I figured I had better exit with my goods before someone realized what was happening and called it all a big mistake and claimed the bags had all been mis-marked.

I got home and counted out the goods:
1979 Topps - 299
1980 Topps - 57
1981 Topps - 52
1981 Donruss - 36
1981 Fleer - 14
1978 Topps - 7

465 late vintage cards for 2 bucks!

These two cards were by far the worst in the lot.
Some kids baby chewed the Replogle, and someone else just plain doesn't like El Tiante, folding him vertically in half.

A lot of the cards looked like this:

Most of them had minor corner dings and wear, and centering issues but still in great shape.

Now I'm at a crossroads.
Add these 79's to what I already had and I probably have at least half a set.
Do I try to collect the whole set now?

Well, I went back the next day just to do a discount double check at the above dealers booth.
You won't believe what I found....

Stay tuned.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I agree, it's set buildin' time. If you're missing any Cubs, I should have you covered.
      Can't wait for the next post!

  2. I have 79s I can kick down to you.

  3. Looks like Andy and Luis got into a fight inside that Ziploc bag. Probably pissed about being in a $2 bag.

  4. You have to go for the set now. Of course that means you have to get an Ozzie Smith rookie. But after seeing how fortunate you've been, it's probably in that damn bag!

  5. I have a bunch of '79 dupes because I just completed the set.