Monday, February 10, 2014

More Returns From Spring Training LAST YEAR

That's the great thing about TTMs, never give up on them because they might just come back after all.

It's been a regular pattern though in sending to Spring Training...often times you'll get the cards back the FOLLOWING Spring Training.  I'm not sure of the logistics in how that happens, but it happens often, and here are two more to prove it.

Took a chance on Kershaw last year and it paid off.
361 days sent to Dodgers ST in Arizona, but postmarked from nearby Dallas.
I know he grew up in this area, but was unaware that he still lives here.

He included this with the card return.

Brendan Harris cards sent to Angels ST in Arizona last year but the envelope was postmarked from Orlando, FL. Mailed these 360 days ago.
Harris just signed with the Dodgers in November.
He played in 44 games for the Halos last year.
Pretty cool that he added the number he was wearing on the uniform on the card.