Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mike Trout Cameo On The Brady Bunch

Okay, Mike Trout wan't really on the Brady Bunch, but we all remember the great cameos of other athletes on the Brady Bunch.  Don Drysdale, Deacon Jones, Joe Namath and Wes Parker come to mind.

Trout is however making a cameo on Jose Altuves 2014 Topps card.

I know a lot of you have seen this card posted by now, but since this is an Angels blog I figured it was most appropriate to show it here.

Mike Trout cameos qualify for a place in the Mike Trout collection binder, so I was happy to add this card to it.  I'm not into collecting any Angel cameo on another players card, that would prove too big a task and would just take up more binder space. I'm only sticking with Trout.

The only other Trout cameo I'm aware of is this one from 2012:

There he is standing next to Billy Butler at the All-Star game.

If you know of any other Trout cameos, please let me know.


  1. I love cameos! I'll be on the lookout...

  2. Altuve is my Trout binder as well.

    The 1990 Upper Deck Jim Gantner is in my Brian Downing PC, and the 1989 Topps Pirates team card is in my Tony Gwynn PC. I'm probably missing others, but cameos are pretty cool. I'll have to track down a Billy Butler at some point. Thanx for the tip.