Friday, February 21, 2014

Found At The Local Junk Mall (Conclusion) - The Other Ziploc Bag

If you're thinking I found another 2-buck bag, and this time it was filled with 1956 Topps, you'd be wrong.
Partially correct, but wrong.
So read on....

So I went back to the local junk mall the next day after a couple of really great finds.  Call it a hunch, call it a "no regrets" moment, I dunno.  But I went back with another pocket full of quarters, seriously, I paid for all of these cards with quarters I had gathered up and put in my pocket.  I went straight back to the booth with the Ziploc bags.  Didn't bother with the endcap that had the boxes of mixed cards.

I found the two 90's junk bags in a slightly different spot than I had left them the day before.  Instead of on the floor where I had left them they were now on a low shelf.  Had someone else looked them over?  Or better yet, had the owner come back with more, because then I saw a third bag.  Remember I had bought the third bag in the booth yesterday, the 1979 Topps bag.

Here was the new third bag:


Now 1980 Topps is no 1979 Topps, but it's close.  And neither of them are 1974 Topps which I was close to the verge of starting as my new collection, since I recently finished 1983 and just completed 1984.  But 1974 Topps would set me back a bit financially because I only have maybe 25 cards, so although a nice 
goal to have I knew 1974 probably wasn't gonna happen.

Oh yeah, 2-bucks!!

(How many of you are heading to the Antique Mall of Mansfield tomorrow!?)

Here's the count:
A whopping 462 1980 Topps!
1979 Topps - 2
1981 Topps - 1
1981 Donruss - 1
1982 Topps - 7

I'm sure some of these may be dupes, but even so, since I already have about 50-75 1980's already that puts completing this set even closer in reach than the 1979.
Should I undertake both sets at once?
I kinda did the '83 and '84 sets that way so why not.

The two most abused cards both had their left eye sockets destroyed, Carew rather viciously, you can see the creases all leading from the puncture wound.
What was in that child's mind when they did this?

Oh, this piece of work was in there too:

Cut by a righty with a left-handed pair of scissors no doubt.
I'm glad the prior owner of the Ziploc bag decided to include it and not throw it in the trash.
This one will stay with the set.

Most of the cards, like the 1979 bag, were in pretty good shape.
Isn't this card a Biff Pocoroba a beauty?

Will I go back tomorrow?
We'll see.
I might not have enough quarters left!


  1. Nice. The 1980 set I've always loved. I still don't have a complete set (ugh I have very few complete flagship sets I should have completed way back when.

    Man the kid who owned the Stargell and Carew "Pirates" cards must have hated those two players. Or was trying some sort of making a helicopter out of baseball cards project. Probably poked a pencil through them and twirled them around out of boredom.

  2. Wait, what? There's actually a gentleman by the name of Biff Pocoroba? Man, what a great name!

    Oh yeah, nice find on the second bag!