Friday, June 9, 2023

Knocking Down The Stack, TCDB #73 Thru TCDB #78

 TCDB #73 Mccammon44

1998 Topps - Minted in Cooperstown
1979 Fleer Team Action Stickers

TCDB #74 Cardsrule
Beefing up the Tanana PC.

1982 Fleer Stamps.
Needing just 11 to finish the sticker book (11, 53, 101, 132, 136, 147, 194, 230, 231, 232, 242)

TCDB #75 Kaline6
Third time's a charm trying to get that 1987 Fleer Sutton/Niekro. Two other proposals to other traders fell through before I was able to get it.
Down to 1 card to complete the '87 Leaf set (191 Henderson)

TCDB #76 Awesomo1389

1991 Line Drive seems to keep coming up in posts lately. Sending some extras I have to Bo for his set.

Tell you what, Brandon Marsh has some pretty cool Angels cards.

TCDB #77 wbaker01
1987 Action All Stars Devon White (unlicensed)

Still need 32 cards for the 1987 OPC set.

TCDB #78 mjones68

Another for the Baseball Card #444 collection.

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  1. You and Bo seem to single-handedly (or would it be dual-handedly?) be trying to keep the Line Drive set in the public consciousness.