Thursday, June 1, 2023

Completed Angels Team Set - 1991 Classic Best


POISON75 sent the last two cards I needed to complete the Angels team set a while back.
The Angels get 17 cards in the 450-card set, covering three of their minor league affiliates: Midland Angels, Quad City Angels and Boise Hawks.
Of the players featured, Tim Salmon and Garret Anderson obviously had the best careers.
I've gotten a couple signed: Damion Easley and Mark Dalesandro.

I have another copy of the Julian Heredia in my Baseball Card #444 collection.

For some reason I don't recall noticing this Number One Draft Pick logo before.
It's nice though, I like it.

The only Gold Bonus parallel for the Angels is this set is for the Eduardo Perez card:


  1. I liked this product back in 1991... and opened probably close to a box of it. Never took the time to see if I completed the A's or Padres team sets though. In hindsight... I wish I had.

  2. I never that they had done any gold cards for it.