Friday, June 2, 2023

TCDB Transaction #69 yrrcwc, #70 Yardbird38 and #71 Nathan-John-Mercer

 TCDB #69 yrrcwc

Second time trading with Clay.

More of those great 1985 Winning Pitch game cards.
The 1989 Donruss Tanana is a "missing period" variation, something I'm only collecting for my PCs.

TCDB #70 Yardbird38
And even more game cards. The other cards were needs but secondary to the game cards.

TCDB #71 Nathan-John-Mercer
 Went back North to pick up a bulk of the 1992 Impel Cosmic cards I need.
Sixty-three cards here leaving me a little more than half of the 180-card set to go.

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  1. I'm not that interested in contest cards, but even so, I find those Winning Pitch cards to be quite appealing. That's a big lot of DC Cosmic! And even though I was only faintly aware of Blue Beetle when that set came out, his card was one of my favorites from it.