Sunday, June 11, 2023

TCDB Transactions #79 nozzlemaster, #80 dheim1220, and #81 lpb331

TCDB #79 nozzlemaster

Second trade with nozzlemaster.

I needed more of the Coke Nolan Ryans because after I completed the full set I decided I wanted all the Angels versions for my team set. Kinda redundant though.

TCDB #80 dheim1220
I might have cleaned him out of all his Wally Joyner cards!
Doubt it though, he's got like 35K baseball cards alone for trade.

TCDB #81 lpb331
Been trying to pick off those '93 Fun Pack Hot Shots cards which were only available via mail-in redemption.


  1. I think the Fun Pack cards are interesting with the heat activated effects.

  2. I always imagine people doing a happy dance when they get an offer from someone who actually wants something like '89 Donruss.