Monday, June 5, 2023

Tuesdays and Fridays Are Great For Free Stuff

I recently received two PWEs full of free cards from several Free Stuff Tuesdays/Fridays put on my Jon at Penny Sleeves.

First off, one of the envelopes had this sweet stamp on it:

Awesome design.

It immediately reminded me of the style of some of my son's artwork:

And then it reminded me of an album cover from a band he turned me on to a while back:

Keane. Love these guys. Love this album. Love this cover.

Anyhow, now to the cards.

I didn't realize I had accumulated so many different Vladdy cards over the course of several weeks of giveaways!

Pecking away at the X-Ponentials from the 2008 Upper Deck X set.
Down to 4 cards needed for the 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway set.

1999 Finest Prominent Figures #PF25, 222/424
1987 Donruss Highlights #53

Jon threw in the 2 Panini Golden Age Mini Broad Leaf Brown Ink cards just because.

The free stuff is always appreciated Jon.


  1. Yep. You kept getting those Vladdy Expos cards before I could lol

  2. You hopped in front of me on a few too! The Heavy Metal and Score 'Rookie' Vlads, the Olerud and green Pujols. Great stuff, Jon is awesome for doing that!

  3. Which 4 of the Million Card Giveaway cards are you missing?

    1. 1 campanella, 8 munson, 9 schmidt, 10 yastrzemski

    2. I'm sure I have a Campanella, and I've already started a stack for you!

  4. I'll be posting my gets from Jon tomorrow along with some other stuff too. Free is real good.

  5. I frickin LOVE Keane!! Under The Iron Sea was one of my go-to albums in college. So many great tracks. (Hopes and Fears is fantastic as well). They really are an underrated band.

  6. Your son's piece is fantastic. I zoomed in and stared at it for close to a minute.

  7. I second Fuji's sentiment on your son's artwork. It's really good! As for the stamp, it's from a Dragons series that came either last year or the year before.